Landmark Bangkok


Landmark Bangkok

Overview of Landmark Bangkok

When the going gets tough, it's nice to know you have a peaceful, comfortable, if not luxurious haven to come home to at the end of it all. Situated at the centre of the business hub and hectic entertainment area, you need a place like the Landmark to bring some yang to all that yin.

A multitude of facilities featuring business and leisure are at your service to ease you through. Life can be hard sometimes. Boardroom games can get cut throat and vicious. That's why they have a state-of-the-art business centre, conference facilities, meeting rooms and banquet halls for you to use to your advantage.

Vacations can go viciously wrong sometimes. Lost luggage, broken digital cameras, zoo keepers turned immigration officials; all can contribute to horrible trips that simply won't end. That's why they have gracious, beautiful people at reception to restore your faith in the human race. Why your rooms come with world class amenities, soft beds, and soothing d├ęcor.

Dining is more than comfort food bingeing. It takes you to levels beyond ordinary daily tribulations to paradisiacal realms of pure pleasure. Swimming pools like large blue gems sparkle invitingly. Fitness centre reinforces and encourages you in your resolution to get fit and stay there. A full body treatment in the spa completely erases all unpleasantness from your psyche and body, releasing you to live life like you want to.

Rooms of Landmark Bangkok

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THB 3,884 / night

THB 4,258 / night

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