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Mida City Resort Bangkok (prev Xen Suites Bangkok)

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99/401-486 Soi Benjamitr Chaeng Wattana Rd., Bangkok 10210 Thailand

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Location of Mida City Resort Bangkok

Located 10 minutes from Don Muang Airport but about an hour from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Quality Suites is a short drive into the city of Bangkok where all the fun things are. Chaengwattana Road, where the Suites is located has quite a few attractions if you need to venture out.

While you can make it to the city in about 40 minutes depending on traffic, it is far removed from the frenzy of big city life. Most folks appreciate this fact and use this place to relax and regain their mental balance with a trip to the pool or gym to get back into their groove.

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