President Solitaire Bangkok


President Solitaire Bangkok

Overview of President Solitaire Bangkok

An absolute 21st century accommodation that makes its rivals obsolete with their old, clingy ways. While the so-called giants of hospitality charge unconscionably for internet that often work in spurts and shuts down when you need it the most, the President offers it fire walled and free via hubs on each floor. Each suite comes with a LAN port. Wi-fi access is available everywhere from lobby to the swimming pool. Small wonder then that business persons make a beeline for this place.

Where business booms, can leisure be far behind? A marvelous spa experience awaits you if you have a few minutes to some hours to spare. You think that's great, what about a swimming pool with underwater music? A fantastic gym with a cool personal trainer keeps you punching on your toes as far as fitness is concerned.

Rooms of President Solitaire Bangkok

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THB 1,774 / night

THB 2,287 / night

THB 2,898 / night

THB 3,115 / night

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