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Prince Palace Hotel Mahanak

Address of Prince Palace Hotel Mahanak

488/800 Bo Bae Tower, (off Krungkasem Road) Damrongrak Rd., Pomprab, Bangkok 10100 Thailand

Location Map of Prince Palace Hotel Mahanak

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Location of Prince Palace Hotel Mahanak

Located centrally on the Damrongrak Road in the heart of the commercial and shopping area of Bangkok, the Prince Palace is right where the action is. This used to be the site of an honest-to-goodness palace and so it is no mere wishful thinking on the part of the management to name the hotel so. It is named in honour of a real prince, the son of King Rama V.

The lower floors of the Bo Bae Tower which houses the hotel is devoted entirely to shopping and entertainment. With China town just minutes away and the old historic part of town within walking distance, you just have to decide where to go first. You can actually see the night market take shape out side on the adjacent streets. That's an experience you don't come across everyday.

You're about 40min from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and very close to the Expressway. There is no major attraction that the old faithful tuk-tuk can't take you to.

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