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Pathumwan Princess Hotel

Address of Pathumwan Princess Hotel

444 MBK Center Phayathai, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Location Map of Pathumwan Princess Hotel

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Location of Pathumwan Princess Hotel

When it comes to location, Pathumwan Princess aces over the competition without even trying. It is actually part of the MKB Shopping Centre, so all you need to do is walk down to the shops. Right opposite is the Siam Square that visitors flock to from all over. Just hop aboard the Sky train that takes you almost anywhere you'd need to go.

Being in the heart of the city has its advantages when it comes to shopping, entertainment and restaurant hopping. On either side of the hotel you have the liveliest and most colourful of streets with endless opportunities for experiencing this incredible city. You're within walking distance to everywhere, except the International Airport which is about 40 mins away.

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