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Overview of I-Residence

With the passage of time a number of Hotels in Bangkok in Thailand have been established owing to the upsurge of tourists. If you are planning for a luxurious stay you can leave all your worries and enjoy a comfortable stay at I Residence in Bangkok. It greets the business travelers and the holidaymakers. The Location of I Residence in Bangkok in Thailand is in Suriwongse Road. The hotel is nestled in proximity to the shopping precinct.

The I Residence in Bangkok houses opulent rooms. A wide array of Room Facilities at I Residence in Bangkok is displayed. Room Facilities at I Residence in Bangkok includes radio, air conditioning, minibar, television, refrigerator, telephone, hot ands cold shower. The air-conditioned rooms impart immense comfort.

Rooms of I-Residence

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THB 1,360 / night

THB 1,557 / night

THB 1,656 / night

THB 1,873 / night

THB 2,070 / night

Photos of I-Residence