The Imperial Tara Hotel


The Imperial Tara Hotel

Overview of The Imperial Tara Hotel

By the looks of it, the Imperial Tara looks tailor made, or rather architect designed, for the busy executive going strictly from point one to point ten on his agenda, while trying to fit in a massage or nightclub between points nine and ten.

So to help him juggle things better and get the most of his visit, they've gone and simplified matters and cut all the frills to achieve a sleek straightforwardness that's relaxing as well as appealing.

For instance, take the Coffee Shop. Instead of hopping from one specialty joint to another, they all come to you in a delightfully varied buffet. The pool scene includes a bar, which is just so convenient. Fitness centre is not just a gym, but has a sauna, massage room, and snooker.

Conferences and social events can be conducted with a minimum of fuss at the four stylish venues, all aspects taken care of by experts. You are welcome to use the business centre at the neighbouring Imperial Impala. This place has everything you were used to at your office minus the chatty idiot in the next cubicle.

Photos of The Imperial Tara Hotel