Holiday Inn Bangkok


Holiday Inn Bangkok

Overview of Holiday Inn Bangkok

As you enter the vast portals of the Holiday Inn Bangkok, you are guaranteed a classy encounter with an adventurous city. Prepare to relax as the spacious lobby invites you to leave your hectic past behind with the doorman, and enter the sumptuousness of an elegant hospitality designed to de-stress and delight.

Warm earthy tones with a touch of beige and mushroom convey tranquillity in the bedroom. Amenities abound dispelling any fears of being away from your comfort zone. No more sore necks as you even get to choose your pillow for a night of sweet dreams. Here�s your haven for the duration of your stay in this City of Angels. A fitness centre, business hub, and spectacular swimming pool keep you in touch with routine work and remind you to relax.

There�s no room for déjà vu as new flavours, sensations, and emotions conquer you in the dining room. Experience the Orient at the hands of an expert in the hospitality business. Genuinely cheerful service complements this expertise bringing a lustre to your vacation that will surely be the most precious souvenir you take back with you.

Rooms of Holiday Inn Bangkok

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THB 3,115 / night

THB 3,528 / night

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