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Grand China Princess

Address of Grand China Princess

215 Yaowaraj Rd., Samphantawong, Bangkok 10100 Thailand

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Location of Grand China Princess

Smack dang in the middle of China town and in the vicinity of the Chaopraya River, the location of the Grand China Princess is right where you'd want it to be. The lower floors are taken up by shops, restaurants, and entertainment outlets, which means you just have to step out of the elevator to let the good times begin.

Within minutes from the hotel you'll find historic and architectural gems such as the Temple of Dawn, the Golden Mount, the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha, and of course, China town. Don't miss out on exploring the river side. The banks of the Chaopraya is a very happening place and there's always something going on. The river taxi is a fun alternative to land travel.

When visiting China town for the first time, most folks are frankly gob smacked by the atmosphere charged with the highest degree of excitement marked by the bright red rice paper lamps and festoons, the thronging crowds, an alien language spoken in high decibels, and the incredible variety of stuff on sale. Well, as with all strong stuff, take it in small doses, and then work your way up

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