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Urbana Sathorn Bangkok

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55 Tungmahamek South Sathorn Rd., Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

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Location of Urbana Sathorn Bangkok

Located on Sathorn Road, which is considered the central business district of the millennium, you have a number of embassies and banks for neighbours. But it's not all la-di-dah and no fun as there's plenty of upmarket shopping and entertainment outlets available round the corner. Take the convenient and scrupulously clean Skytrain to the various other attractions the city is peppered with.

You'll love the excitement and mind blowing atmosphere of the Suan Lum Night Market which is just a short walk away. You can do all your shopping at the popular Silom area famous for its variety of shops and street dining. At the end of Sathorn Road you'll find the enchanting Chaopraya River with its share of history, culture, cruises and light shows.

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