Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok


Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok

Overview of Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok

Jet setting takes you to all sorts of places and accommodations and after a while it may leave you cold. You hardly bother looking around and move from reception to room like a trained hamster. Then you wind up in an upmarket set up such as the Amari and something makes you perk up and take notice.

You see the clean modern lines of contemporary d├ęcor with a touch of meditative Thai. Bunches of exotic blooms light up an otherwise Zen-like bareness, interspersed with dashes of bold earthy tones. You realize you've come to a place like no other.

The room comes alive, quite different from the drab neutral tones that normally do justice to the average hotel interior. Standard features acquire a different guise and spell real comfort. It dawns on you that it's possible you may actually enjoy this stay.

Hotel food can only be slightly better than airline food for the jaded palate of the globe trotter. So it's probably sheer survival instinct that brings you to the restaurant. The customary complaint that was ready at the tip of your tongue gives way to an exotic invasion of your senses and you're a believer.

A world-class business centre, gym, sauna and more soon have you come alive and enjoy the serendipitous discovery that has restored your faith in hotel accommodations.

Rooms of Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok

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THB 1,203 / night

THB 1,400 / night

THB 2,031 / night

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