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Thai crafts combine expertise handcrafting with old world style. Artisans throughout Thailand make some of the most beautiful crafts and art pieces in the world. During your Bangkok holiday, you will want to be sure to pick up some of the lovely Thai crafts to take home with you as a wonderful reminder of your holiday.

One of the best known of Thai crafts is Celadon. This is greenstone that is high fired and made with a wood ash glaze. Although it is called "greenstone" this pottery comes in a variety of different colors and designs and can been seen throughout the many different shops in Bangkok. Celadon is truly an art form in itself and dates back to ancient times.

Stone carving is another one of the lovely Thai crafts you will see during your visit to Bangkok. Stone carving has been practiced by Thai people since ancient times and pieces of stone are shaped and polished with master skills of expert tradesmen.

Another one of the lovely Thai crafts you will not want to go home without involves Mother of Pearl inlaying. This is often practiced on statues and is a difficult and precise art. Purchasing items with Mother of Pearl inlaying is a wonderful way to remember your trip to Bangkok and make for a wonderful souvenir.

Of all the Thai crafts, the art of making Khon Masks is the most difficult and revered in Bangkok. These artistic masks require skill in carving, sculpture, painting, lacquering and gilding and are truly something to behold. Khon Masks are exquisite and can be found in many of the finer Bangkok shops.

Teak is a popular wood that many Thais use for carving. Carving hard objects such as wood, ivory, bone or horn is a popular Thai craft. Skilled artisans can make a simple piece of wood or bone into an object of art in a matter of a short time. Carving is one of the most admired of the Thai crafts.

If you have ever noticed Thai furniture, you will note that it is usually very shiny. That is because it has been coated with lacquer. Lacquering is another one of the Thai crafts that has been practiced since ancient times and creates some beautiful effects.

Other Thai crafts include hand woven textiles that create exquisite designs, hand made pottery and etching metals such as lead, copper and silver. Yet another one of the popular Thai crafts is weaving of palm leaves that are often made into purses or handbags and then lacquered to hold the shape and give the item a finished, shiny texture.

Thai crafts are not so much crafts, but works of art. Many people who practice these crafts have learned their skills at an early age, from an adult family member who was also a Thai artisan. During your holiday in Bangkok, take a look at some beautiful Thai crafts. Chances are you will find something perfect to take back home as a lovely souvenir.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008