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Shopping is a popular pastime for both tourists and Bangkok locals. Make the most of your shopping trip in Bangkok with these shopping tips.

Some good shopping tips in Bangkok have to do with what you wear. Even if you want to look your best while out on the streets, remember to wear cool, comfortable clothes because Bangkok is hot and humid almost all year round. A lot of walking is involved if you are shopping outdoor markets so a shopping tip you should remember is that heels are not the best idea; wear practical shoes. Bring along water and if you are prone to get very hot in this type of environment bringing baby wipes or a hand towel is also a good idea. Remember these shopping tips and you will have a much more enjoyable shopping experience.

Bangkok is known for its incredible deals on everything from clothing to food, but a good shopping tip to remember is to always check the quality of the merchandise you buy. Look for flaws and other imperfections in the products you are buying to make sure they are of acceptable quality. A great shopping tip for Bangkok is to tell vendors you live there and will bring faulty merchandise back. Shop keepers will often be more willing to disclose any quality issues this way.

Prices are fixed in shopping malls and stores, but at out door stalls bargaining is expected. There are many great shopping tips to remember when you are bargaining in order to get the best deal. Sometimes prices can be dropped fifty percent so bargaining is always a good idea. The best shopping tips include approaching shop keepers politely and with a smile. Your politeness will be appreciated and is the best way to get a price lowered. Never get angry or raise your voice. Offer the price you are willing to pay and wait and see what the shop keeper has to say.

Crime is low in Bangkok but there are some shopping tips you should know that will keep you safe. Always keep a close eye on your belongings and shopping bags. Be sure not to leave anything in a Taxi as it will probably not get returned to you. There are some tourist scams that locals try to play, so a goo shopping tip is never to talk to strangers. Even if someone offers a great deal on gems or says they have special knowledge, you should not strike up a conversation with anyone you don't know offering this type of information.

These shopping tips will help you make the most of your shopping trip in Bangkok and make your experience both safe and enjoyable.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008