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How to Save Money While in Bangkok

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It is not a secret that when you take a vacation, it is quite an expense. And if you are like most people, you live your life on a budget, whether this budget it strict or loosely-based, you still have to watch your spending. And when you are traveling to a city such as Bangkok, Thailand, it is easy to spend more money than you want to while on vacation. You can save money by simply doing slight research before your vacation, and having a plan of what you want to spend and what you don't.

It can be difficult to save money while on vacation, however, you can save money from the very beginning of your vacation by simply searching out for great hotel deals. You can literally save massive amounts of money by looking around for the best hotel deals. There are some hotels that will help you save money by staying at them. Some of these hotels include Boonsiri Place, where the average room is priced at only 1,100 baht. Another great hotel that can save money is the Queen Garden Resort at River View near the Suvarnabhumi Airport, which averages 990 baht per night. And one more hotel that can save money is the Baan Sukhumvit Inn, which is located in Sukhumvit and averages a nightly rate of only 1,250 baht per night.

Of course, when you want to save money, you must look far beyond your hotel and begin to budget your attractions. There are some attractions you can visit that will cause you to spend massive amounts of money, and then there are some that will fill your day with fun and excitement, and you will also save money. When you want to save money, you must begin to think outside of the box of what you can do to fill your day with excitement. One of the best ways to spend your days, and also save money, is by sight-seeing. Bangkok has many various monuments to view, and most of them are completely free to visit, which will is a great way to save money. One of the most popular monuments in Bangkok to visit is the Victory Monument. This absolutely gorgeous monument will take your breath away, as well as show you a piece of Bangkok history. This is a great way to spend your day in Bangkok, but also save money. And traveling throughout city of Bangkok doesn't have to be expensive either, by taking public transportation, such as the Skytrain, you are able to save money while still making your way to the most popular locations throughout Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008