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Counterfeit Merchandise in Bangkok

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Thousands of shoppers buy counterfeit merchandise everyday in Bangkok. Because shoppers can get replicas of their favorite high priced brands so inexpensively, the counterfeit merchandise thrives despite being illegal and the other dark connotations of the practice. You can find counterfeit merchandise of every kind in Bangkok such as clothing, jewelry, luggage, watches, sunglasses, DVD's, software, pretty much any thing imaginable. Some shoppers know exactly what counterfeit merchandise is and choose purchase it anyway, but many tourists are unaware that the product they purchased is indeed an illegal knockoff.

Travelers that balk at the exorbitant prices of name brand goods can find anything they want at counterfeit merchandise hot spots in Bangkok such as the market in Patpong. Famous label goods from brands like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci can be found in the form of counterfeit merchandise all around Bangkok.

Besides the illegal aspect of counterfeit merchandise, there are other drawbacks. Quality ranges from atrocious to fantastic with the best counterfeit merchandise almost indistinguishable form the original and the worst falling apart the day after you buy it. Thai craftsmanship is world renowned as some of the finest in the world and the skills once used to make ornate carvings and images of Buddha is no used to create counterfeit merchandise.

Thai vendors that sell counterfeit merchandise know exactly what types of good tourists want and stock their shelves with counterfeit merchandise that westerners clamor to get. It is common for counterfeit merchandise to show up in Bangkok days after the original is released in the west and this timing is especially common for pirated movies.

Counterfeit merchandise is illegal and while most buyers won't get thrown in jail, Western countries commonly seize counterfeit merchandise as it crosses the border back from Bangkok. Being illegal is not the only dark aspect to the counterfeit merchandise trade; it is often associated with the drug market and organized crime as well. Much of the counterfeit merchandise sold in Bangkok is made in sweat shops located in rural Thailand, Burma, China, and Cambodia where workers are forced to work inhumane hours and for atrocious wages.

Many people think that counterfeit merchandise is a great way to get name brand products for less. They do not consider the other side of the counterfeit merchandise market and what goes into the production of these goods. Some tourists are not aware that they are buying counterfeit merchandise and this only adds to Bangkok's counterfeit merchandise problem.

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

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Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market