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Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is probably one of the most famous outdoor markets in the world. People from all over the Southeast come to shop and display their wares every weekend. Take along a few bottled waters as it gets a bit hot in the sun in Bangkok and you will need something to keep you going as you continue to "shop till you drop."

There are free maps available for those visiting the Chatuchak Weekend Market and it is advisable to take one of these maps. If you are going with a large party, make sure you designate a meeting place in case someone gets separated from the group. The market is so vast that it is easy to loose track of one another in the crowd. Parents with young children are advised to put them in buggys so they can keep an eye on them at all times.

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is a virtual maze of vendors and alleys that seem to go in many different directions without rhyme or reason, but this is part of the charm. Everything you can possibly want can be found at this market, including some "designer" purses and shoes. The "designer" part may be skeptical, but at the prices, you cannot go wrong and you would be hard pressed to tell them from the real thing.

Other fantastic finds include electronic goods at bargain basement rates, including mobilel phones and stereo equipment. Make sure that these will work in your home country before buying. You can also find dozens of accessories for mobile phones including covers, ear pieces and even decorative items to make your mobile phone stand out.

One of the best things you can purchase at the Chatuchak Weekend Market are the herbal skin care products. There are several vendors who sell such products that are supposed to make your skin feel fabulous. They really do work and once you run out of these products at home, you will want to return to Bangkok simply to get a new supply. Fortunately, many of these vendors have cards and shops where you can write to them and order the goods by mail.

Clothing and jewelry are also in vast supply. Some really fine jewelry is available at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, including solid gold jewelry. Thai people tend to like 24 karat jewelry as opposed to 18 karat or 14 karat, so you can really get some fine pieces of jewelry at very inexpensive prices.

Fine gems and gemstones, such as authentic jade can be found at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Rubies and Emeralds are also on display, as well as pearls. Again, the prices at the Chatuchak Weekend Market are not to be believed and you will pay much less for quality items than you will anywhere in the west.

For the outdoor shopping experience of a lifetime, visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market during your Bangkok holiday. Once there, you will wish you could visit the market every year to partake in the magnificent bargains.

Last Updated: 22 May 2008

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Chatuchak Weekend Market
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