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Central World Shopping Complex

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Got an itch to shop? You should look no further than CentralWorld, a spacious shopping complex located in Bangkok. Why should you look no further? Well, CentralWorld is only one of the biggest and baddest shopping malls in Bangkok. It's just about ready to burst with the tremendous of amount of clothing and other consumer goods it has. But these aren't the only reasons why CentralWorld is a shopper's dream.

550,000 square meters of space is enough to dazzle anyone visiting Bangkok with just a few bucks in hand. CentralWorld's space accommodates all kinds of shoppers. Window shoppers have plenty of fun visiting CentralWorld. And people who are looking to actually buy something just have so many choices, they often don't know what to do. But surely, you'll know what to do when you set foot on this shopping paradise.

CentralWorld was just been newly launched, rebranded, and revamped so everything about this place is new. Because its been revamped, it's now the biggest and the best shopping mall in Bangkok. There was a battle between all of Bangkok's fabulous shopping malls. And residents and tourists were determined to name one mall the biggest and the best, and that mall is CentralWorld.

Its area size is 30% larger than any of the shopping complexes in central Bangkok. It has over 500 stores, 50 restaurants, a bowling alley, and a learning center.

CentralWorld is so great, it used to be known as the World Trade Center, but now it's even bigger than the concept of "World Trade Center." How's it bigger, well, besides its massive amount of square footage, many of the stores inside are designed to be "mega stores." These stores measure between 2000 and 8,200 square meters. The names of some of these mega stores are SuperSports, PowerBuy, B2S, and Central Food Hall. These mega stores were built to give the shopper the feeling of having a heavenly shopping experience that can be surpassed by no other shopping mall.

But don't let the name and all of the big stores fool you. CentralWorld is definitely for everyone. It has products for people willing to spend a fortune, and those who only have a few dollars. Bangkok's CentralWorld makes a real effort to provide customers with a mix of both affordable and lavish products. Therefore, there's no need to be intimidated. CentralWorld welcomes all Bangkok visitors, young and old, rich or poor.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008