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If you are planning on staying in Bangkok for a period of time, you may find it necessary to purchase necessities such as toiletries, food, cosmetics or other items that you normally consume on a regular basis. The outdoor markets in Bangkok offer most of what you need to get through your holiday, but if you would like to shop in an air conditioned environment, there are many different stores located throughout the city where you can purchase just about everything you need during your holiday. These supermarkets and stores are among the best places to shop in Bangkok.

Tops Supermarket is one of the top supermarket chains in Bangkok. There are over 60 Tops Supermarkets in Bangkok alone and it is the largest supermarket chain in Thailand. Many of these supermarkets are located in malls and department stores, but several of them are free standing stores. At Tops Supermarket, you can purchase exotic fruits and vegetables found only in the East, or perennial favorites that remind you of home. If you are planning on staying in Bangkok for several weeks and have a refrigerator in your hotel room, you may find it convenient and cost effective to purchase some snacks such as fruits and bottled drinks to have on hand in your hotel room. Tops Supermarket is one of the best places to shop in Bangkok.

For purchasing cosmetics and everyday necessities, try Carrefour, Big C or Tesco Lotus. You will find these stores located throughout Bangkok and they offer everything from fish sauce to mobile phones. These superstores are similar to discount superstores in the West and take credit card payments as well as cash. The prices in these stores are very inexpensive and they are among the best places to shop in Bangkok for everyday items.

For a truly impressive trip to an upscale market, try the Gourmet Market. This indoor food market offers some of the best and freshest foods in all of Thailand. For truly exotic drinks and snacks, you must visit the Gourmet Market. The Gourmet Market is one of the best places to shop in Bangkok for groceries and there are several different locations. The Gourmet Market can be found in The Emporium as well as the Siam Paragon.

One of the most interesting and best places to shop in Bangkok is the Tokyu, which is an interesting Japanese store that has household goods, cosmetics and supermarket items. Tokyu is a large store located near the MBK Centre. There are several floors and the supermarket is located on the fourth floor of the building. You can use charge cards or traveler's cheques when shopping at Tokyu.

To truly experience Thai culture while on holiday in Bangkok, shop at some of these stores that draw the locals. You will find that they are some of the best places to shop in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008