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VAT Refunds in Bangkok

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Tourists to Bangkok are required to pay VAT (value added tax) on all items purchased in Bangkok that you intend to take out of the country that cost more than 5000 Baht (110 EUR). You can, however, have this tax refunded through a VAT refund when you leave the country. Shopping is popular for visitors to Bangkok because of all the great deals and if you keep the required paper work you can have get a VAT refund.

You do have to get the proper paperwork for purchases above 5000 Baht, but getting this paperwork is not hard and most stores participate in the VAT refund. When you are shopping you will notice many stores have a sign stating they give a VAT refund for tourists. If you do buy something over 5000 Baht, ask for a VAT refund form and the store owner will be happy to give you one. Keep this form along with the original tax invoice the store gives you and you will be all set to get your VAT refund when you leave.

As you leave, take your paper work to the counter for customs inspection for VAT refund at the international airport you are leaving from. You can only get a VAT refund on the day you leave the country after you go through passport control.

You can receive your VAT refund in the form of a bank draft, check, or paid into credit card account if you are claiming your VAT refund for less than 30,000 Baht. If your VAT refund is more than 30,000 Baht you can only receive your payment by bank draft or into a credit card account.

Claiming a VAT refund is usually an easy process, but there are some reasons why a VAT refund can be denied. Merchandise has to be taken out of Thailand within 60 days to qualify for a VAT refund. Your Vat refund paperwork also has to be filled out on the day you purchased the merchandise you wish to claim a VAT refund for. You also must purchase the merchandise at a store that honors the Vat refund program. You must also have a tax form attached to each VAT refund form you receive.

The great prices and Vat refund program makes shopping in Bangkok a great way get lots of good merchandise for a discount. Shopping is very popular in Bangkok for these reasons and every visitor should take a look around at the local wares while on their trip to Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008