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Bangkok is a shopper's paradise. It is also fast evolving as a major shopping complex in Southeast Asia. Numerous department stores, interesting shopping malls, markets, and small shops can spoil you with their extensive and exclusive choice of products. You can bargain intensively with the street vendors, although this may not be possible at the malls and shopping complexes. Overall, the quality of all goods is excellent and the range and variety is immense. Prices are reasonable too.

Bangkok is a famous shopping place for different types of precious gemstones like pearls, sapphires, rubies, gold, and silver. Other shopping items include painted umbrellas and fans, woodcarvings, ceramics, leather goods, silk items, wickerwork, and others. It is the best place to stitch high quality clothes. Most shops and shopping complexes are open for twelve hours of the day, from 10am to 10pm and on all seven days of the week. The street markets often remain open for still longer hours. Some of these markets are busy in the mornings while some are busy in the evenings.

Most of the big departmental stores offer shipping services too. They take care of all documentations, insurance, and permits. However, there are specific companies looking after all such details too. GPO helps you with parceling services of small items while Thai Airways help you out with the larger and bulkier items.

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2008