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Out door markets, rows of shops selling souvenirs and offer up cultural items are all apart of the Thailand culture. Bangkok's streets are filled with just those types of shops and out door markets. The best part about shopping in Bangkok is the after dark shopping experience. Countless stores in Bangkok are open until real late at night allow tourists to basically set their own schedule for their vacation.

Bangkok Night Markets

There is nothing like the buzz of meeting the locals face to face to negotiate, and haggle over that ideal souvenir or present for the loved one back home. Sure the fancy shopping Malls are a seemless experience but with world wide brands, a Mall in Bangkok can have a lot of overlap with one in Singapore and the intimate nature of haggling a price is an experience like no other. It can be a matter of pride, face and fooleshness that a price is struck between you and a trader but if you are cunning and resourceful you can get a price that can really impress. Prices in Bangkok can be surprisingly good Get your haggling hat on and get out there!

The time constraints of stores closing is not an issue when you visit the Night markets in Bangkok.You are free to do whatever you please while on your vacation, comfortable in the knowledge that you can take part in some after dark shopping later that night instead of having to do it during the daytime.

Patpong Night Market

One of the greatest places in Bangkok to go and experience some after dark shopping is the Patpong Night Market in Soi 1. After the sun goes down Patpong Night Market becomes packed with people, so expect a large crowd while you are there doing your after dark shopping. Most of the shops stay open until 10 pm or even later. It is an experience that you will not soon forget for years to come after your vacation in Bangkok. The bad part about after dark shopping in Patpong Night Market, is that their prices are usually over priced in the shops located there. The good news though is that if you haggle you can get some really good deals on your after dark shopping purchases. Do not worry about haggling with the shopkeepers over prices; it is all part of the culture. Just make sure to bring cash, because you really cannot haggle over the prices with a credit card.

If you are thinking of doing some serious haggling and want to stay close to the action have a look at Swiss Lodge Bangkok

Pratunam Market

If your vacation is a family affair with teenagers then the best after dark shopping experience you can have is at the Pratunam Market. Pratunam Market is located on the corner of Phetchburi Rd and Ratchaprarop. The offerings here include trendy clothing, jewelry and leather all fit for a teenagers' style. Pratunam Market is crammed with stalls and vendors all flowing out into the street. The shops in this market usually close up around 10 pm as to give you plenty of time to enjoy your after dark shopping experience. This market is close to the iconic Amari Watergate Hotel so it is easy to place yourself from the surrounding buildings.

Pak Klong Talaat

Pak Klong Talaat is located in Pak Klong near Paruhat, which is located next to the river by the Memorial Bridge. This is the primary flower fruit and vegetable market in Bangkok and it has a long history. It was once a floating market in reign of Rama I (1782–1809). This market offers up a different sort of after dark shopping experience. This market is a flower market offering up so of the best rare exotic flowers, gingers, orchids and many more exquisite flowers. Pak Klong Talaat opens at 3 am and will stay open until all the flowers are sold. Therefore, at 3 am this market can be considered some after dark shopping or some wee hours of the morning shopping. Hotels near hear might include; the 5 star The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok or 3 star Montien Riverside

Siam Square is another place for some after dark shopping especially for the younger crowd. Siam Square is located just opposite of the Siam Discovery and the Siam Center. The shops here house small boutiques, shoe stores, jewelry stores and cafes. Trendier items can be found here while doing some after dark shopping that will appeal to the teenagers than the more mainstream shopping malls. The shops here usually all stay open until 10 pm. So plenty of after dark shopping as you try to find the trendiest clothing and the coolest cultural jewelry within these shops. Hotels in this area include the 5 star Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok or the excellent 3 star Novotel Siam Square Bangkok.

Last Updated: 16 Jan 2012