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If you have an appreciation for fine antiques and collectables, you will find many wonderful objects during your holiday trip to Bangkok. Bangkok antiques and collectables offer unique craftsmanship, lovely designs and superb quality. And when compared with prices in the West, Bangkok antiques and collectables are surprisingly affordable.

Many of the shops in Bangkok that sell Bangkok antiques and collectables stock not only authentic antiques, but reproductions as well. To be certain that you are getting an authentic antique, make sure you ask for a certificate of authenticity. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a lovely reproduction piece, but you do not want to pay the same price you would pay for an authentic antique. Ancient Bangkok antiques and collectibles are quite rare and are often found in temples and museums. A good rule of thumb when shopping for Bangkok antiques and collectables is that if the piece seems way too inexpensive to be authentic, it probably is not.

One place to purchase lovely Bangkok antiques and collectables is the River City Shopping Complex. This is one of the largest antiques centres in all of Asia and there is a vast array of treasures to behond at this enormous shopping center. You can choose from many different Buddha statues and images, ceramics, porcelain, ornaments, wood carvings and other art objects.

One the first Saturday of every month, the River City Shopping Complex hosts an auction in the River City auditorium. The auctions are organised by the Riverside Auction House and here you will get some real bargains. Prior to attending this auction, it is helpful to know something about Thai antiques and collectables, so chat with the shop owners to learn a thing or two about the objects you desire before venturing to the auction to bid.

Another wonderful place to shop for Bangkok antiques and collectables is at the OP Place Asian Heritage Shopping Center. Located in a charming old building on Soi Charoen Krung, just behind the Oriental Hotel, the OP Place Asian Heritage Shopping Centre has several floors of shops that sell many different types of antiques and collectables including exquisite jewelry, crafts, textiles, carpets and paintings. The building itself is worth the visit as it was built in 1900 and has retained its historic charm and architectural splendor. There are many wonderful bargains to be had at the OP Place Asian Heritage Shopping Centre, and there are items available for just about any budget.

If you are planning on purchasing Bangkok antiques and collectables during your Thai holiday, learn a bit about these items prior to making a purchase. There is much information on the internet, as well as in books and even at your library. Bangkok antiques and collectables are truly unique works of art and if you are a knowledgeable collector, they can not only adorn your home, but also be a valuable investment.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008