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Some of the best vegetarian restaurants are located in the heart of Bangkok. If you are a vegetarian, or if you simply want to partake in healthy, vegetarian cuisine, you simply must try one or several of the fabulous Bangkok vegetarian restaurants.

One exquisite restaurant you will want to try is the Tamarind Café & Gallery which is not only one of the premier Bangkok vegetarian restaurants, but also a lovely gallery where you can dine while surrounded with lovely art, including contemporary photographs, sculptures and decorative art pieces. Here you will sit on comfortable sofas while enjoying some of the best vegetarian fare in Bangkok. If you are in a particularly romantic mood, sit at the rooftop terrace where you can overlook the fabulous city below while dining alfresco.

Starters include Shashliki, which is grilled vegetables and tofu in a delicate sauce and Malay quesadillas that include vegetables and melted cheese folded in curry sauce. There is a large selection of fine wines and some delicious herbal teas which are relaxing as well as soothing. Desserts are simply fabulous, you must try the crème brulee, which is the best in the city. The Tamarind Café & Gallery offers delicious vegetarian cuisine, wonderful atmosphere and artistic ambiance, all at reasonable prices.

Another of Bangkok vegetarian restaurants well worth the visit is the Anothai Restaurant. This healthy menu offers both Asian and Western delights including spicy roasted eggplant with sesame dip, which is simply superb. Noodle dishes are the specialty here and one of the best entrees is the shitake lasagne, which is the best you will ever taste. Herbal teas are also on the menu and are not only intoxicating, but health inducing as well. The desserts displayed in the bakery will most likely tempt your palate so, despite the generous portions, be sure to leave a little room for some of the fabulous sweets, including fig tarts, rose petal scones and cinnamon rolls. The Anothai Restaurant has charming ambiance, friendly and helpful service and is very reasonably priced.

The Whole Earth Restaurant is yet another one of the wonderful Bangkok vegetarian restaurants that will tickle your taste buds. The Whole Earth Restaurant is an older establishment, but still very popular with the locals. Most of the food is either Thai or Indian with some lovely curries. The Vegetable Pakora curry includes baby corn, potatoes and cauliflower and is delicious with some of the homemade Indian breads. The food at the Whole Earth Restaurant is hearty and filling and there are also some items on the menu that are non-vegetarian, for companions who have not yet discovered the joys of vegetarian cuisine. The Whole Earth Restaurant is one of the best Bangkok vegetarian restaurants and well worth the trip. The food is wholesome and delicious and the service is excellent.

Bangkok vegetarian restaurants are abundant throughout the city. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you should try one of these fabulous restaurants. The cuisine is light and healthy and the atmosphere in these restaurants is lovely. For a truly wonderful dining experience during your Thai holiday, indulge in eating at one of the many Bangkok vegetarian restaurants.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008