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Unusual delicacies in Bangkok

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During your Thai holiday in Bangkok, you will most likely notice some very unusual sights. Elephants walking down city streets, Monks dressed in saffron robes, go-go entertainers and various types of exotic dress. These in themselves seem out of the ordinary in the West, but the truly unusual can often be found upon the innocent looking carts of the street food vendors. Street food vendors offer the most unusual delicacies in Bangkok.

Take a look at the trays offered by the various street vendors for some really unusual delicacies in Bangkok. This includes many different deep fried insects. One of the most popular insects found in the carts are grasshoppers. The grasshoppers are fried alive, with everything intact. They are often deep fried and dusted with pepper, salt and chili powder and served as a rare treat. Fried grasshoppers are but one of the many unusual delicacies in Bangkok that can often be found in the carts of the street vendors.

Another of the unusual delicacies in Bangkok are fried water roaches. These are often found in the carts of the street vendors located on the riverfront. The water roaches are often deep fried and dusted with chili and are very well liked by Thai people. Other insects that comprise unusual delicacies in Bangkok are caterpillars, beetles, ants and crickets. Look carefully on one of the carts of the street vendors and you will most likely find some variation of fried insects. Even little frogs and scorpions are deep fried in Bangkok and served to the masses.

If you are particularly adventurous, you may try to eat one of these usual delicacies in Bangkok. If you decide to eat a fried grasshopper, you should remove the head, wings and inners of the creature before consuming it. Imagine telling your friends back home about eating fried ants or water roaches during your holiday in Bangkok! If you are smart, you will have your camera handy so they you can actually back up your claim with photographs.

Another of the unusual delicacies in Bangkok can often be found in restaurants. This is called "Goong Ten" which literally means "dancing shrimps." Tiny shrimps, still alive, are tossed into a spicy salad that consists of rice, chili and fish sauce. The dish is often covered so the tiny shrimps do not hop out of the plate before reaching the table. This dish is meant to be consumed while the shrimps are still alive so that you feel the sensation of them "dancing" on your tongue. This is a very acquired taste and not for the squeamish.

Unusual delicacies in Bangkok can be found in virtually every restaurant and food cart. While these delicacies may seem repugnant to most Westerners, it is important to remember that some of the foods Westerners often consume are thought of in the same manner by some Thai people. For a truly interesting experience during your Bangkok holiday, make sure that you at least look at some of the unusual delicacies in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008