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Thai food is a unique cuisine that tends to blend both Chinese and Indian cooking. As is the case in most countries, food differs from region to region. Southern dishes tend to be hot and spicy and consist of mostly seafood whereas Northern dishes are milder and contain quite a bit of rice. In Bangkok, you can get just about every different type of Thai cuisine as well as international cuisines.

There is no reason to go hungry during your Bangkok holiday. Restaurants are dense throughout the city and if that isn't enough, there seem to be food carts every few meters. No where on earth will you get Thai food as you will in Bangkok. From the exotic to the simple, Bangkok Thai food is simply the best in the world.

In addition to Chinese and Indian influences, Thai food also has a strong Portuguese influence that is particularly evident in their desserts. Not all Thai food is hot and spicy, although chilies are often used in many different dishes. Many dishes are made with rice, including sweets and many contain exotic fruits. When ordering Thai food in a restaurant or from a street vendor, it is important to learn the phrase "mai ped" which means "not spicy." Chilies do not have to be added to dishes and this simple phrase can save you from gasping for something cool to drink.

Garlic, shrimp paste, chili, tamarind, lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk are all staples to the Thai diet. Much of the Thai food contains some of these ingredients. Most of these herbs are natural antioxidants and promote good physical health, which means that Thai food is not only delicious, but generally healthy as well.

Barbequing is very popular in Thai culture and seafood is often barbequed in many restaurants and outdoor cafes. Another popular way to cook Thai food is by stir frying the ingredients by cutting them into small pieces. Deep frying is also a popular method for preparing Thai food as is steaming and boiling.

Thai people are frugal gourmets and do not let any part of the animal or vegetable go to waste. You will often see boiled chicken legs and fish heads in the market or available in restaurants. Most Thai restaurants that cater to Western guests have English writing on the menu so you can actually understand what you are ordering. Those who are adventurous and want to try exotic tastes can certainly find their fill in Bangkok.

Thai food is abundant in Bangkok and your holiday will not be complete without sampling several authentic Thai dishes. Do not spend your entire holiday eating Western foods. Try some of the Thai delicacies and you will be pleasantly surprised. For this very reason, Thai food is becoming one of the world's most popular cuisines.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008