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Thai desserts are among the sweetest desserts in the world. Thai desserts are heavily influenced by Portuguese cuisine. The Portuguese were the first Westerners to visit Thailand and introduced the Thais to using eggs in cooking. Thai desserts take a rather long time to prepare and are usually very colorful as well as fragrant. Thais often soak flowers in water to make syrups or sit aromatic candles next to the foods to make sure that they smell sweet. Sometimes, flowers are placed next to the containers to make sure that the dessert maintains a sweet aroma.

Fruit is often used in Thai desserts. Bananas are very popular in Bangkok and are often deep fried and dusted with sugar. One delicious dessert that is not found very often on Thai menus is Sangkayaa Fak Thong, which is a whole pumpkin filled with custard and steamed. This is very sweet dessert and quite delicious.

Coconut cream and coconut milk is often used in Thai desserts, as are egg yolks. Thai desserts are often very rich and you only need a small portion to satisfy your sweet craving.

One of the best Thai desserts is Khanom Waan. These are pices of fruit soaked in grass jelly, served with sticky rice and covered with syrup. Khanom Waan is also served with coconut cream and the fruit from which it is made varies in different establishments.

A lovely presentation dessert that is also quite tasty is Look Choob. This dessert resembles miniature fruits that are very glossy and colourful. The "fruits" are made from bean paste and are cooked in coconut milk. After cooking, they are then dipped in gelatin, which gives the "fruits" their glossy appearance. Look Choob resembles marzipan fruits, but the taste is quite different. Look Choob take quite a bit of time to prepare and are often present at weddings and special celebrations.

Rice pudding is a very popular Thai dessert and can be found on virtually every restaurant menu. Thai desserts often incorporate rice in various methods and Khao Niew Ma Muang is some of the best rice pudding you will taste. The rice is cooked with coconut cream and garnished with mango. Khao Niew Ma Muang is a delightful change from ordinary rice pudding that one finds in the West.

Thai desserts are not only tasty, but well presented. They are usually composed of a multitude of colourful blends and feature some of the finest tropical fruits and creams. Whether you are in the mood to try something exotic, such as Look Choob, or something simple, such as Gluay Tord, which is deep fried banana fritters, there is a Thai dessert that will tantalise your taste buds. During your holiday in Bangkok, make sure that you sample several delicious Thai desserts.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008