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Thai Cooking Classes in Bangkok

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Many people around the world enjoy various Thai dishes but few know how to prepare then properly. Why not take a Thai cooking class from a local Thai chef while in Bangkok? The Thai cooking class will teach you while you are on vacation how to prepare a traditional Thai dish that will allow you to impress all you friends and family back home. Bangkok offers up several different places where you can take a Thai cooking class.

The Rose Garden Cooking Class is more than just a Thai cooking class. Your cooking class will start with a visit to the Wat Don Wai market where you will get your introduction the ingredients that are used in Thai foods. From there you will take a rice barge to the Rose Garden Cultural Centre where your Thai cooking class will begin. After you have finished preparing your dishes, you will eat them while enjoying a performance of traditional dances and even traditional sports at the Ruen Ayutthaya restaurant. This Thai cooking class starts at 4,890 Thai Baht or equal to 108.67 Euros. For the price, you will get not only the Thai cooking class and performance Ruen Ayutthaya restaurant but also all transfers between locations, an English-speaking guide and all ingredients need to prepare your dishes.

Thai Cooking Class at Thai House is another class you can take to learn some authentic Thai cooking. This class is a perfect selection if you have very little time to take a Thai cooking class while in Bangkok. This short class is conducted at the Thai House, which you will reach, by boat ride. It is here that you will get an introduction to Thai cooking as well as hands on experience preparing your dishes in an open-air kitchen. A visit to an open-air market is also part of your Thai cooking class at the Thai House. The class starts at 4,490 Thai Baht equal to 99.78 Euros. Your fee includes all transfers between locations, all ingredients and an English-speaking guide.

The Bai Pai Cooking School offers tourists a chance to take part in a Thai cooking class. The classes are kept small and personal with around only 10 students there. Your Thai cooking class will be in a fully equipped kitchen led by a Thai chef. Here you will learn about the seasonality of Thai food, technique and uses of ingredients. As well, you will learn about multi course meals from appetizers, salads and deserts. Also during this Thai cooking class, you will learn about the traditional Thai foods such as curries and noodle dishes. This Thai cooking class starts at 1,720 Thai Baht equal to 38.22 Euros. Included in the price is the Thai cooking class, all ingredients needed, transfer between locations and an English-speaking guide.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008