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So you're in Bangkok and you've finally decided to learn how to cook. Well, you're in for a treat. But don't be disillusioned. You won't be cooking french-fries and hot dogs in these types of cooking classes. Think more noodles and ginger. If that's what you're into or even if you don't know what type of food you are into, you should embrace a Thai cooking class. These classes represent some of the best of what Bangkok has to offer.

In a Thai cooking class you will be able to make your very own Thai food. And because it will be your own, you can get unique with it. A Thai cooking class will teach you about seasonings and cooking temperatures, all you need to know to make delectable Thai dishes. A Thai cooking class is just what the Bangkok visitor needs. And he or she will have to fight the urge to cook Thai often when they return home.

Thai cooking classes are the talk of Bangkok. Even people who don't live in Bangkok know about Thai cooking classes. That's because Bangkok tourists have such a great time when they are in the classes, that they just can't help but tell everyone they know about their experience.

There are just millions of cooks around the world who are hungering to add Thai food to the many foods they already know how to cook. Therefore, even if you aren't a chef, you'll be the envy of many if you can master Thai food. And a Thai cooking class is sure to get you on your way to mastery.

And just maybe you aren't looking to be the master of Thai food. Perhaps, all you want to do is prepare a light Thai food brunch every once and a while. Maybe you want a little Thai food snack along side your potato chips every now and again. Believe it or not, there's a Thai cooking class for that too. It's called Thai Cooking Class at Thai House.

And this course begins by giving class participants a long-tail boat ride to the traditional Thai house. At that Thai house, participants begin their Thai cooking class. Every section of the class comes complete with short lectures and ingredient preparation.

This class was made especially for those who have a short amount of time, but would still like to make scrumptious Thai meals.

So if you are in city of Bangcok, and hear your stomach growling, ask yourself, why don't you just cook something already? Can't cook? Well a Thai cooking class is for you.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008