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Bangkok Restaurants | A Dinner Cruise on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Taking a dinner cruise can add a romantic evening to your vacation. Sail down the Chao Phraya River on anything from a Rice Barge to a luxurious modern cruise boat. You will have an enjoyable and romantic evening on either one of these choices. Better yet, why not take a dinner cruise on each one while you are in Bangkok.

The Loy Nava dinner cruise is taken on an old-fashioned teakwood rice barge. The rice barge is made of solid hand carved golden teak that has been polished. The roof is made up of hand-split bamboo skins. Teakwood carvings and flowers are adorned on the traditional rice barge. The final additions to the rice barge are the lights that highlight the outline of the barge. Your dinner cruise upon this traditional teakwood rice barge will be one of unforgettable memories. Drift down the historic part of the Chao Phraya River while dining out in the open air. This open air dinning allows you to see the major landmarks that you will be passing on your dinner cruise. The dinner cruise lasts around 2 hours and cost 1618 Thai Baht equal to 35.38 Euros per person. For those that wish to book their dinner cruise online there is a 10 percent discount.

The Grand Pearl offers up an excellent dinner cruise aboard a modern cruise boat. You will drift down the Chao Phraya River after being greeted warmly by the staff on board with cocktails awaiting you. The food served up during your dinner cruise is an international buffet with something sure to please everyone in your dinner party. The dinner cruise lasts 2.5 hours long and the price is 1250 Thai Baht equal to 27.33 Euros per adult and children 4-10 850 Thai Baht equal to 18.58 Euros. Your fees include transfers to and from your hotel as well as an English-speaking guide.

The Shangri-la Horizon dinner cruise is offer upon a luxury cruise boat. You will drift down the Chao Phyraya River past many of Bangkok's many landmarks and historic sights. Your dinner cruise will last for 2 hours and cost 1,980 Thai Baht equal to 43.29 Euros per adult and 1,390 Thai Baht equal to 30.39 Euros per child. Dinner will consist of an international buffet.

While all the dinner cruises drifting on the Chao Phraya River all seem to go past the same sights and landmarks, rest assured you will get a unique experience upon each dinner cruise boat. It is not really the sights you see as much as it is the staff and the cruise boat on which you are cruising on. Each cruise boat will make the sights and landmarks that you see on your dinner cruise seem new and exciting again.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2008