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Bangkok Restaurants | Bangkok restaurants: dining out in the City of Angels

Bangkok is a haven for any gastronome. Additionally, Thai cuisine can transform all into gastronomes. You can find innumerable restaurants offering different varieties of Thai cuisine like salty, spicy, sweet, and sour dishes to satiate your taste buds to no end. Bangkok restaurants serve all types of cuisine like Indian, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Australian, and American fast food too.

There are many different types of restaurants in Bangkok like the usual trendy, budget, gastronomic, fast-food courts, dinner cruises, riverside eateries, food markets, and the traditional Thai-style restaurants with dining in antique teak houses too.

Some restaurants charge service charges at 10%. In some cases, you need to pay a tip of around 10% if service charge is not included in your bill amount. Normally, you have to pay VAT at 7% of your bills. This amount is added to your bill amount at the end.

It is just not difficult to find a restaurant or eatery at anytime of the day or night at Bangkok. Besides, restaurants do not serve only during mealtimes. You can find good food even in the middle of the night.

Besides, it is not necessary that only restaurants with a good ambience and appeal serve good food. Even run-down restaurants could offer a delicious spread. You can gauge the quality of the eatery by the crowd frequenting the place. Although the perennial traffic woes of Bangkok could prove problematic, you can choose to visit a restaurant close to Skytrain or subway stations.

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2008