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Food Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok Restaurants | A look at the different choices of food shopping you have

While in Bangkok if you plan to do any of your own cooking you will have many choices when it comes to food shopping. Shopping in Bangkok is an experience all of its own and food shopping is no exception. Depending on the food, you are wanting and the experience you are wanting will help to decide where to do your food shopping at. After all this is Bangkok and everything is an experience of a lifetime. Who would have thought that food shopping would take on a life of its own but in Bangkok that is exactly what it did.

First off, you have grocery stores all throughout the city for you to do your food shopping at. This is mostly what you would expect when you do your food shopping at home for groceries. Here in Bangkok you can find traditional Thai foods, Japanese foods and even western traditional foodstuff. Most grocery stores will have English-speaking staff on hand to assist you with your food shopping.

A unique experience in food shopping comes from the street venders. It is here that you can purchase everything from fresh fish to an array of vegetables. This is one of those must do things while in Bangkok. Food shopping from a street vender is traditional and simplicity at its finest. Here in these open air markets consisting of several street venders you can get lost in the aromas that surround you while you are food shopping. When it comes to shopping from a street vender or open-air market, you will find that a lot know how to speak some broken English. While the English may not be as good as, what you would find in the grocery stores, it is enough to allow you to do your food shopping with the street venders.

Then of course, you can move on to the hustle and bustle of the floating markets. These narrow little boats float up and down the river offering up their goods. These floating markets have become a major tourist attraction causing much chaos. It is an experience that most foreign travelers to Bangkok love to go and see. While doing your food shopping, you should do more than go and see, you should take part in purchasing from these exquisite floating markets. Being as these are more tourist attraction than anything, you will find English being spoken when it needs to be.

Remember that when shopping in Bangkok, haggling over prices is part of it and food shopping again is no different than any other form of shopping. If you find that what you want cost more than you want to pay then haggle with them over the price. More than likely you will get some really good deals while you are food shopping.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008