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Street Food; this is probably a bit out of the ordinary for those of us who live in the United States. However, its an everyday thing in Bangkok. You can literally walk down certain streets and find food. Eating places, almost anywhere in Bangkok.

Outside, on the pavement- wherever a folding chair and a good size table can be put up, and there you have it.

Most of these places offer Thai food that you've never tried before. Or maybe you have tried it and are simply going back for more.

In either case street food is something you will find in Bangkok. Putting up tables and offering street food started a long time ago. Markets were in the streets so why not have little places that offered street food to the tourists as well.

Most street food is cooked right in front of you. If the street food looks fresh and the pan isn't nasty, then its probably alright to eat. However, there are some street food places that don't exactly have the good seal of approval.

Most street food is grilling, or soup or fresh vegetables. And you won't find much of a variety of American food either. Street food is usually Thai food. A new experience for the taste buds.

Although the vendors make the street food look good; like fresh vegetables and such, you should avoid these. There's a good chance they haven't been washed and could have things on them you might not want, like contamination of some kind.

Sometimes street food is crushed or damaged, but the vendors will smile and say they will cook it up for you. Simply say no thank you and avoid that type of street food.

Out of the many roads in Bangkok, you will probably find just as much street food if not more. Local markets are sometimes set up right next to the street food.

The street food is not expensive at all but to some tourists it may seem a risk, because of the idea it is out in the open where bugs and other things are around.There is no shame in being concerned about hygiene and your health. Use your own opinion when it comes to street food. The vendors aren't the one that is going to eat it, you are. Or someone you care about.

Street food in Bangkok, has been known to catch the eye of many people, its part of their culture. But, it isn't the best "eating in town".

A lot of tourists and visitors just like to walk through the streets of Bangkok and look at all the markets and street food vendors set up. Amazed at just how many there are. How can they possibly make money doing this with so many street food vendors? That question is easy. Most of the vegetables from street food is grown by the vendors, and most of the meat such as fish or chicken, well its street food. They don't exactly go to the grocery store and buy it. Never eat food raw from a street food vendor. Don't consider street food totally unsafe, just be aware and you might enjoy this Thai culture. Bangkok Thai Culture.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008