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Safety in Bangkok

Bangkok Overview | Information on keeping yourself safe while in Bangkok

Your safety in Bangkok should in the front of your mind at all time while staying in Bangkok. Despite how warm and friendly the locals are when it comes to embracing tourists; you should still use all safety measures that you would anywhere else. Bangkok the capital of Thailand and as such is large filled with many people from all lifestyles. This large population lends for crime to be a certainty. There for it is important to take measures for safety in Bangkok.

Safety in Bangkok includes never going out alone. There is safety in numbers and you should make sure to use this to keep yourself safe. Also, make sure to never carry around large amounts of money or expensive items with you. Do not flash around your money while out and about either. This is setting your self up to be a victim of a criminal. Watch going any where with the people standing on the street who shove pamphlets in your face or try to steer you toward where they want to go. While some may just be trying to get you into their establishment, others may have something else in mind. Bangkok can provide for an exciting vacation or business trip but at the same time, Bangkok does have a darker side. There are tourist police who are situated in various parts of the city who can help you should you get into trouble. It is still up to you though to take safety in Bangkok seriously and keep your head about you at all times. It is not recommended to get totally drunk at any of the bars or nightclubs either as this will impair your judgment and make you a target for criminals lurking about.

Safety in Bangkok is also more than just physical safety. Bangkok showcases some of the world's largest sex industry venues. Many people take part in this entertainment every night. It is for this reason that AIDS has become a problem in Bangkok. Safety in Bangkok is also about protecting yourself from a deadly disease. Should you find it necessary to take part in this type of entertainment, always use protection. While this is no guarantee of protection from a disease, it will greatly reduce your risks if you are determined to take part in Bangkok's dark side. Many programs have been developed in Thailand to reduce the rise in AIDS and they have worked to reduce the numbers of AIDS positive people but they have not eliminated the risk of AIDS all together, so it is up to you to protect your health safety in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008