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Family Fun in Bangkok

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Bangkok offers a large number of theme parks and zoos for great family fun. A selection of the best ones are listed in this article.

Family Fun at Dusit Zoo

This has long been a favorite with local and visiting families alike. Aside from its wide variety of animals, the zoo is also renown for the inexpensively-priced food that is available at several outdoor foods stalls.

Dusit Zoo is located on a sprawling park that lies between the King's Bangkok residence, the parliament house and Chitlada Palace. Its convenient, central location makes it hassle-free to get to. Just hop onto the Skytrain to the Victory Monument station, and then take a taxi for a short trip to the Dusit Zoo. It has had major upgrades done quite recently.

Family Fun at Safari World

Situated on the northern outskirts of Bangkok, Safari World is a large drive-through zoo and leisure park. There is so much to do, you may want to set aside the whole day for this safari adventure. Take the kids on a drive through a picturesque African-themed wilderness, and watch the wildlife feeding show. At the marine park, you can take the Jungle Cruise river ride with its cutting edge special effects and animatronics or sit back and enjoy a show presented by sealions or by dolphins. Other available shows include the exciting cowboy stunt show and the bird show an the orangutan boxing show.

Family Fun at Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World is a huge aquarium located in the humongous upscale, Siam Paragon shopping mall. It is home to more than 30,000 marine creatures. A ride in the glass bottom boat will get the kids close to some of the exotic marine animals housed in this world-class aquarium. They may also get a hands-on experience at the touch pool where they can get to feel starfish, watch the fish swim by and even get to watch the sharks being fed.

Family Fun at the Crocodile Farm

Bangkok, Thailand's crocodile farm is the single largest one the world over. Here, the kids can see crocs at progressive stages in their life cycle, from mere hatchlings to big-jawed, toothy-grinned creatures.

What's more, they will get to see more than just crocodiles - the crocodile farm also has tigers, elephants and other animals from the wild on show. Several hotels offer transfers to the crocodile farm.

Family Fun at Dreamworld

Dreamworld is a little idyllic theme park an hour's drive north of Bangkok. While it has thrill rides and other activities that the older kids can enjoy, Dreamworld is especially designed for the under-10 crowd.

It is redolent with cartoon architecture and theme-costumed staff, creating an idyllic, Disney-like ambience. Thanks to its location, more than an hour from Bangkok's downtown, it doe not get overcrowded with many tourists.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008