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Bangkok Overview | Traveling Safely in Bangkok

Thailand is generally a safe place to visit, but there are some safety tips you should consider before traveling there. Many people are concerned about water and food safety, crime, and traveling with children. You can rest assured that your trip to Bangkok will be a safe one, if you follow these simple safety tips.

Drinking water in many countries is not safe for foreigners, and this is sometimes true in Bangkok. One of the safety tips you should consider when traveling to Bangkok is not to drink water or beverages with ice from roadside stands and other lesser quality establishments. This is one of the safety tips you should follow when traveling to many countries as foreigners are especially prone to pick up bacterial infections from water.

Most of the food served at small roadside stands is safe to consume, but if you are worried about hygiene take a good look around. A good safety tip to follow when visiting Bangkok is if the server, utensils, and cooking equipment is clean, chances are the food is fine. If you want to be on the safe side, avoid these small stands and eat at restaurants. You can still enjoy great Thai cuisine and be safe in the process. Another safety tip to consider when eating outside in Bangkok is not to eat any food, especially fish that has been sitting out in the heat for a long time.

Crime is low in Bangkok compared to the rest of the world. If you are concerned about crime during your stay in Bangkok, consider these safety tips. Because most crimes committed in Bangkok are petty in nature such as pick pocketing, be sure to keep extra cash in a hotel safe and avoid carrying it with you. Taxi or Tuk-Tuk drivers are notorious for being dishonest ion Bangkok so be aware of the going rates for rides and don't take them up on their offers to take you on a tour.

There are also a few safety tips for those traveling with children. Thai culture embraces children and locals are especially fond of blonde western children. The biggest thing you will have to look out for is well meaning locals trying to give your little one a pat on the head. While many western families are not used to this kind of attention, kids don't have much else to worry about. Bangkok is notorious for its traffic so parents should use caution when traveling with children by foot around crowded streets. These safety tips will ensure that your trip to Bangkok is a both enjoyable and safe.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008