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Bangkok Nightlife | Bangkok's Watering Holes

Bangkok's vibrant after-dark action is renowned the world over, and rightly so. As night falls, the city of that never sleeps is transformed from a bustling commercial hub into a pulsing hub of exciting nightlife activity.

With pubs, bars and lounges that number in the thousands, you are sure to find a nightspot that fits your interests.

Bangkok by night offers everything from the sizzling hot action of the trendy night clubs to the relaxing, chilled-out ambience of ultra-chic cocktail lounges.

Beer Bar

Thailand's beer bars are small, open-air affairs, commonly staffed with about 5 hostesses. They are typically cheaper than go-go bars, and do not have go-go dancers. Drinks are inexpensive and there are always bar girls and music to keep you entertained.

The Go-Go Bar

Every year, millions of tourists fly into Bangkok to experience this uniquely Thai phenomenon. Unlike the beer bar, the go-go bar offers adult entertainment in the form of pole-swinging, bikini clad go-go dancers and fantastic exotic shows. The go-go dancers are often available for private hire.

The city's Gogo Bars Areas are Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. One of the most popular go-go bars is The Dollhouse, located in Soi Cowboy, just off Sukhumvit Road

English style pubs

There has been a recent spate in the number of Bangkok's British-style pubs. Most are styled after Irish and British pubs, complete with draught beer, pub signage and darts. Traditional English menus are also offered, with great pub grub such as fish and chips, pork pie, and bangers and mash.

They are especially popular in Bangkok's expatriate community. Bangkok's pubs usually have a casual, laidback atmosphere. Some of the better-known pubs include the Ship Inn, Irish X change, Bull's Head and the Witch's Tavern

Cocktail Lounges

If loud pumping music and thronging dancers are not your scene, join the cocktail crowd at Bangkok's cocktail lounges are just the place to be. Typically, these cocktail lounges do not require that you be a member. Hostesses will be available to get you comfortable, and they typically speak English. These chic establishments tend to be more expensive than the typical Bangkok bar. Sip on a fine cocktail as you relax and enjoy the live music.


Karaoke is a popular after-hours activity in Bangkok. If you are bitten by the singing bug, you can croon to your heart's content at one of several Bangkok karaoke lounges. You will typically have a choice between a private and a common room, complete with hostesses, a great sound system and TV OR projector screen.

Last Updated: 15 May 2009