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Thailand is a culture that embraces all lifestyles and transvestites are no exception. In fact Thailand is a country where a male may take on a female persona as young as 10. Therefore, it is no wonder that within this open culture that Bangkok features some of the best Ladyboy Shows around. While in Bangkok, a person can take in a Ladyboy Show that mirror a Broadway production or Las Vegas showgirl show. In other areas of Bangkok, mini Ladyboy Shows are even featured in certain nightclubs.

It is here in Bangkok, that you will be on the edge of your seat in awe at the beautiful women featured in these Ladyboy Shows looking for any telltale signs that they are actually male. Of course, look closely because these women can pass for the real thing.

More upscale Ladyboy Shows can be seen at the Calypso Cabaret located within the Asia Hotel at 296 Phayathai Rd, Bangkok 10400. Calypso Cabaret was established in 1988 has been taking Bangkok by storm ever since with their classy upscale Ladyboy Shows. They offer guests a chance to see their Ladyboy Shows twice a night with one show being at 8:15 pm and the second show starting at 9:45 pm. The Ladyboy Shows feature several different styles with a Las Vegas showgirl production, a Broadway style production along with comedy skits. The Ladyboy Shows at the Calypso Cabaret will start with a Las Vegas showgirl act then go into a Broadway production style show; from there you will be taken through comedy skits, musicals, dancing and then end with a big finale.

Another greatly upscale venue to catch the upscale Ladyboy Shows is the Mambo Cabaret located at Washington Square, Sukhumvit Soi 22, Phrom Phong Station. There are two show times available for you to take in their great shows. Show times are at 8:30 pm and a second show starts at 10 pm. The Mambo Cabaret not only features professional Ladyboy Shows, they also hold special events that take place along side their normal shows. Just like the Calypso Cabaret, the Mambo Cabaret will give you a taste of Ladyboy Shows with productions that host a mix of styles from Las Vegas showgirl, Broadway, musicals and even comedy skits.

The less upscale and over the top, Ladyboy Shows are mini shows that take place in typically gay bars in Bangkok. Nightclubs such as the X Boom and DJ Station have certain times in which they offer a miniature show for patrons to enjoy. The times are usually at 11 pm in both nightclubs. These Ladyboy Shows do differ from what you would see in the Cabarets though. With the nightclubs, these shows are not done in an environment for family friendly entertainment. In addition, the atmosphere in these nightclubs caters to gay patrons and may be a bit uncomfortable to the heterosexual tourist. There for if you are looking for a family friendly showing of the Ladyboy Shows then your best venues are the upscale Cabarets, as well you can avoid the gay scene at the Cabarets if such scenes make you uncomfortable.

Last Updated: 10 Mar 2008