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With their deep cleavage, gently rounded hips, tight revealing clothing and exquisite make-up, Bangkok's beguilingly beautiful ladyboys are drop-dead gorgeous. And they are male.

In the highly tolerant Buddhist culture, Bangkok's ladyboys abound. Also called Katoeys, they enjoy full acceptance from Thai society, even in the less westernized rural areas. Legal recognition, however, is slower in coming - Bangkok's ladyboys can never change their legal gender, even if they undergo genital reassignment.

Bangkok's Ladyboys often begin their journey into "womanhood" early in life, cross-dressing in heavy make-up and female clothes. In time, they will have breast implant surgery and have hormone replacement therapy. They may even go so far as to have plastic surgery that will minimize or eliminate all traces of masculinity such as the Adam's apple or round out their behinds.

The final into "womanhood" is gender reassignment surgery. This is easily obtained in Bangkok. In fact, Thailand has earned renown for its excellent surgical standards in performing this surgery. It is possibly the most cost-effective place to get it done.

With their impeccable make-up and body-hugging clothes, it can be difficult to tell Bangkok's Ladyboys from the genuine article. How difficult? Well, a few years ago, a finalist in the Miss Thailand title had to be disqualified when it was leaked that "she" was a male.

Here are a few theories on how to spot a Bangkok's ladyboys:

Things only boys are made of

An Adam's apple and/or a 5 o'Álock shadow are dead give-aways. A sober glance should clear this up pretty easily.

Not so easy, however, is to determine if the gorgeous creature has a penis. Despite their feminine wiles and ways, most of Bangkok's lady boys are merely cross-dressers, and have not yet taken the plunge that will physically transform them into females. However, they will typically tape their penis between their legs to keep it from showing through the clingy numbers that they love to wear. Only a grope or an actual sighting will help you determine this for sure.

Masculine build

An athletic build, a handsome facial structure and/or big hands and feet may give away a Bangkok ladyboy's true gender. Thai women are distinctively effeminate, with delicate facial features, petite hands and feet, and a slender, feminine build. Thai woman are also pretty short; ladyboys are often taller than the average Thai woman.

"She" tries too hard

If "she" sashays a bit too much, has exquisitely-applied make-up, and exaggerated female gestures, she is probably a he. Bangkok's ladyboys invest great time and money into looking as good as they do.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008