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There are some things in life that are absolutely wonderful, and for most people it is going to a jazz club that fills them with joy. But when you are travelling in foreign countries, it can be hard to find a jazz club that is worth visiting, or even finding a jazz club. When you are vacationing n Bangkok, Thailand you may not think that there is a jazz club for you to visit, however, you couldn't be more mistaken. The various jazz clubs in Bangkok, Thailand are some of the best in the world, and are filled with amazing musicians.

If you are looking for a great evening at a jazz club, than you must visit Tokyo Joe's, which is located within the Snaporn Plaza Building. This jazz club is filled with music every night of the week, which makes it perfect for vacationers, or business travelers who are staying for just a night or two. This jazz club has a great balance of new bands, as well as established and professional ones. This jazz club specializes in amazing blues music, which can make any night relaxing and memorable. This jazz club opens at 18:00 through 02:00, however, the mustic doesn't start playing here until 21:30. A great tip for this jazz club is if you are visiting this jazz club on a weekend; make sure that you arrive at the club early in order to get a great seat and your food quickly. However, no matter when you get to this jazz club, you will have a great time.

Another great jazz club is the Sundowner' Jazz Club. This fantastically fun jazz club is located within the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, and is home to refreshing drinks and soothing jazz music. Although this jazz club doesn't play music every night of the week, they are known for having bands most nights. If you want to make sure that they are hosting a band on the night you are planning to visit, simply give them a call. This jazz club is one of the most popular "starting spots" for individuals going out on the town. The reason for this is because it is an extremely relaxing atmosphere; however, it still has a hint of buzzing nightlife to it.

No matter which jazz club that you visit, there is one thing that they all have in common, and that is amazing drinks and even greater entertainment. You wouldn't expect to find a world class jazz club in Bangkok, however, since this city is known for being truly versatile within its nightlife, it really isn't surprising that Bangkok hosts many amazing jazz clubs for you to sooth away the problems of your life with a drink, friends and great music.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008