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Go-Go Bars in Bangkok

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The sex industry in Bangkok is alive and still flourishing to this day. Bangkok became popular world wide because of its racy and often viewed as sleazy Go-Go Bars. It is within these notorious Go-Go Bars, that foreign travelers can take in their fill of women in various states of undress. These notorious establishments usually cater to clientele that are foreign travelers or expats since the Thai locals usually frequent venues that are more inconspicuous.

The western world learned of the seedier side of Bangkok during the Vietnam War as soldiers would take some R&R time in the city. It is during this time that Go-Go Bars started to pop up in Bangkok, to accommodate the GI soldiers who were looking for a different kind of action. During the late 1970s through the early 1980s, the areas of Bangkok housing the Go-Go Bars became known internationally. To this day, the sex industry in Thailand, which includes the Go-Go Bars, brings in close to 3 percent of the annual GDP in Thailand.

While the Go-Go Bars feature girls pole dancing and doing other types of entertaining routines, this is not all the Go-Go Bars in Bangkok offer. For a client that wishes to pay what is known as a bar fine, they may take the girl out. The bar fine is done to cover the money the Go-Go Bars would lose with the girls gone. An arrangement like this is done through the Go-Go Bars own Mama-San and usually costs 600 Thai Baht equal to 13.12 Euros.

Patpong, Bangkok houses many of Bangkok's Go-Go Bars and is the one area that most people think of when Go-Go Bars in Bangkok are mentioned. After all this is where the Go-Go Bars first started in Bangkok. Patpong, Bangkok is home to King's Castle I and II, Sphinx and the Safari bar. If Go-Go Bars featuring Ladyboys is your style, Patpong is also home to King's Corner. It is at King's Corner where you will be delighted with some of the prettiest Ladyboys to dance within the Go-Go Bars. These Go-Go Bars are located up and down the two parallel streets that make up Patpong, Bangkok. While there are Go-Go Bars lined up and down the two streets, there are also vendors and shops that offer some after dark shopping.

Nana Plaza is another location for Go-Go Bars in Bangkok. This location is nothing but adult entertainment since there are no families roaming around the street shopping at late night markets. Nana Plaza is a three-story mall filled with Go-Go Bars offering up barely dressed ladies and lots of flesh for sale. Here the ladies will entertain you by swinging on poles, charm you with their personalities and even leave with you if you pay the bar fine at the Go-Go Bars located in side Nana Plaza. The most popular Go-Go Bars in Nana Plaza are Lollipops, Cassanova, Temptations and Rainbows 3 and 4.

Soi Cowboy is located at between Asoke and Sukhumvit Soi 23 and is a short street that houses a number of different Go-Go Bars. Almost everything on this street gives off an old Wild West atmosphere. The name of the area came from the first American to open a bar in the area. The usual clientele to frequent the Go-Go Bars in Soi Cowboy are expats and Vietnam veterans. Popular Go-Go Bars here are Tilac, Suzie Wong and Long Gun, with others scattered down the street as well.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008