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There is nightlife for everyone in Bangkok. If you are looking for some raunchy entertainment complete with bikini clad girls, pole dancing, Bangkok's own special type of cross dressers know as ladyboys, and lots of sexual displays, Bangkok Go-Go Bars are for you.

Bangkok Go-Go bars have earned the city world wide infamy and still operate quite successfully today. Although not for everyone, Bangkok Go-Go bars are what fueled Bangkok's reputation for sleazy night life and draw crowds of both tourists and locals every night for all types of sexual entertainment.

There are a few districts where you can find Bangkok Go-Go bars and they range from comparatively tame to unbelievably vulgar. The most famous Bangkok Go-Go bars are in Patpong and feature everything from gay entertainment, strippers, pole dancing, and other lewd shows. Many tourists will stop in for a quick drink to cure their curiosity before moving on to tamer clubs, although there are plenty of people drawn to the entertainment Bangkok Go-Go bars have to offer.

If you are looking for something a little more extreme, Bangkok Go-Go Bars are not the "best" you can find. There are raunchier haunts to explore in Bangkok if you want even more of a sexual experience. The Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza areas of Bangkok both offer even more explicit shows and private rooms. Be careful, however, as police shut these establishments down occasionally.

If you want a more discreet adult experience than Bangkok Go-Go bars offer, there are massage parlors that offer an array of services, mostly to tourists. Many of these establishments are located in the Rachadapisek area.

Even though the goings on in Bangkok Go-Go bars is quite bawdy, crime is not high and most areas are well policed. You will find some pick pocketing and dishonest bar tabs, but the crime is lower than many western cities.

There are also plenty of street vendors in Patpong an area famous for Bangkok Go-Go Bars so catching a show is not the only thing to do. Nana Plaza, however, is an adults only area and caters only to people wishing to partake in adult entertainment. Depending on where you go for adult entertainment in Bangkok, you may find yourself at a tam bar resembling something found in western countries or you may find yourself at an incredibly explicit show. Bangkok Go-Go bars are world famous and if those type of performances interest you, they are not to be missed.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008