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Can you say "foot loose?" If you are looking for a dancing good time while in Bangkok, you should try Bangkok dance fever. It's for anyone that has a love of both music and rhythmic movement. But you don't have to have rhythm to enjoy Bangkok Dance Fever.

You might be a new learner of dance. Or you may be someone who was bugged to dance by a bunch of friends. Whatever your reason, Bangkok dance fever has something for you. So come on down to Bangkok and get your boogie on with Bangkok dance fever.

They say that Bangkok is called the city that is always on its feet. Bangkok is also home of the Thai dance. The Thai dance is an important part of Thailand's history so it's no wonder that Bangkok dance fever is something the entire city of Bangkok is into. Thailand has four regions to it and each of those regions has its own folk dances.

Often these folk dances have something to do with the social and agricultural aspect of the Thailand lifestyle present in the regions. If you want elegant dances, visit the North side of Thailand. But if you want fun-filled dances, try looking at the South or Northeast parts of Thailand.

And don't think you have to travel to the streets just to get involved in Bangkok dance fever. There are plenty of dance classes all around the city of Bangkok. And these classes teach all kinds of dance. For instance striptease, salsa, and belly dancing are just some of the forms of dance that are taught.

There are also fashionable fitness classes. They too offer dance instruction. And if you are a bit of a rebel and don't like the conservativeness of Bangkok Dance Fever that you find in formal dance class or a fitness center, you might want to check out the late night dancing venues.

And if you came to Bangkok without any extra money, you have no need to fret. You can experience Bangkok Dance Fever for free. Free aerobics, yoga, and tai chi instruction is often given right in the public parks of Bangkok.

So is the itch for dance getting harder to scratch? It should be with all that the city of Bangkok has to offer to showcase its dance fever. So don't be shy, come to Bangkok and give Bangkok dance fever a try. It won't bite. I promise.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008