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When you are on vacation, your main goal is relaxation. While going on adventurous ventures may seem fun for a while, ultimately when you're on vacation, you want to forget about the stresses and frustrations of everyday life, and begin to completely relax. If your vacation has lead you to Bangkok, Thailand, than you are able to relax in style with a traditional Thai massage. Getting a Thai massage, for some, is like stepping into a dream where the world is simply perfect. Thai massage is known around the world as being one of the most relaxing and invigorating massages you could possibly get.

Seeing that Thai massage is becoming an extremely popular event for tourists, there are literally hundreds of Thai massage parlors that range from the simple, to the lavish, and even the deviant. However, there are some Thai massage parlors that you should stay far away from, and yet, there are others that you must visit. So the main question so many people have concerning Thai massage is where should you get one done? Well, since you're in Bangkok, you have you choice of many, which is fantastic because you are guaranteed to have an amazing Thai massage experience.

There are several different types of Thai massage that you can get while in Bangkok. There are the simple foot massages, and then there is even facial massages, however, the most popular type of Thai massage visitors leap for is the Aromatherapy and Oil massage. These types of massages provide you the chance to truly relax and drift off into a more stable and peaceful world. If you want a traditional Thai massage than you must go to The Orientist Spa, which is located in three different locations. However, this spa specializes in Thai massage, and will give you a welcoming and friendly experience. This is a full-service spa, which means that you have the choice of many different treatments. After visiting this Thai massage spa, you will feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated, which is what a vacation is all about.

Another great Thai massage spa is the Ananda Spa that is housed in the President Solitaire Hotel in Bangkok. This Thai massage spa is world-renowned and has many different fist-class services that you can choose from. Not only can you have a traditional Thai massage, but you can also indulge in water therapy, manicures and even foot reflexology. Howevr, their most popular service is the traditional Thai massage, and here you will have an out-of-this-world experience with this Thai massage. And, if you are too relaxed after your Thai massage, you can rent a room in this luxury hotel.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008