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Bangkok Health | Information on gay sauna venues

Bangkok is a city that has been proclaimed the gay capitol of the Asian culture. It is in this city that gays can be open and accepted with tolerance. Being gay in Bangkok is not considered a taboo thing. A wide culture caters to the gay lifestyle in Thailand and Bangkok houses some of the most popular gay saunas for guests to enjoy.

It is within these sauna walls that a guest can enjoy some much needed relaxing, some mingling with like-minded locals and maybe even some sensual activities. Most of the saunas in Bangkok have a few little dark areas for you and a partner to have a little playtime. While you can have a little fun in a dark area of the sauna, these are not sex clubs and should not be confused as such.

Babylon is one of the most famous gay saunas in Bangkok, located at Soi Nantha. Babylon's operation hours are noon until 11:30 pm on Sunday through Thursday and noon until 1 am Friday through Saturday. This gay sauna is not only popular among tourist but also among the locals as well, so it is for this reason that you should expect a full house so to say. Babylon is a gay sauna that offers more than just a sauna for its guests. Guests at Babylon can enjoy a nice restaurant, swimming pool and show off their muscles lifting weights in the weight room. For those of you that wish to be there late and need a caffeine boost Babylon offers you a coffee shop. For those that cannot get enough of this upscale gay sauna, Babylon has a barbershop to help you keep up with your appearance. Admission fees run average with any other upscale gay sauna in Bangkok. Admission Sunday through Thursday is 220 Thai Baht equal to 4.48 Euros and Friday through Saturday is 250 Thai Baht equal to 5.60 Euros.

Another upscale gay sauna in Bangkok is Chakran located at 32 Soi Ari 4, Phaholyothin Road. What makes Chakran renowned is it luxurious multi story interior. As with Babylon, Chakran is very popular with tourists and locals alike. This gay sauna features more than just a sauna as well. Some of the great extra features that you can enjoy are the indoor swimming pool and gym. You can even catch a movie in the theatre or take part in some karaoke while enjoying your stay at Chakran. Chakran also has an admission fee of 230 Thai Baht that is equal to 5.16 Euros Sunday through Thursday and 250 Thai Baht that is equal to 5.60 Euros Friday through Saturday.

A another great gay sauna is the 39 Underground Sauna located at Soi 39, Pholyothin Road. This gay sauna though is more for the locals but tourists can still stop in and enjoy the atmosphere. 39 Underground Sauna offers up some theme nights for guests' entertainment. Tuesdays are naked night and Fridays are themed lap-lap night here at this great gay sauna. Features include a small gym and a service area that offers up juice and toast for free to guests. The main attraction is the three cruising floors. Since it lacks all the fancy features of the gay saunas such as Babylon and Chakran is the admission here is fairly cheaper. For guests 28 and over the fee is 39 Thai Baht equal to 312 Euros. For those who are under 28 the admission is 99 Thai Baht equal to 2.22 Euros.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008