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Dental Tourism in Bangkok

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More and more tourists are coming to Bangkok to not only enjoy all the city has to offer but at the same time get their dental work done. While it may not sound like much fun, dental tourism is an ever-increasing popularity in Bangkok. With dental tourism, people can have all the fun of a vacation while saving a lot of money on their dental work.

Dental tourism does have some tourists concerned about the safety and effectiveness of such procedures. It is a justifiable concern when it comes to dental tourism within another country. The best news is though that the dentist, equipment and procedures used are all up to medical standards. The latest equipment is used and the dentists are trained with the same high standards as dentists in western countries. The only reservations that you should have are the ones that you call in to the dentist of your choice in Bangkok. Think about what it would be like to go on vacation and come back with excellent looking teeth. Whatever dental procedure you need done can be done for a fraction of the costs in a western country if you take part in the popular dental tourism in Bangkok. Procedures such as teeth whitening, extractions, crowns, braces, implants and many more are all done with professionally trained dentist that are using up to date technology.

Thantakit dental clinic is a leader in the dental tourism industry. With such high ethics, they do not charge one fee for locals and one fee for tourists. You can be certain that the fee that they are charging you is the same fee that the locals are receiving. Tooth-colored filling will cost you 1,000 Thai Baht equal to 43 Euros, Ceramic Veneer will cost you 12,000 Thai Baht equal to 256 Euros and Porcelain Crown bridges are 12,000 Thai Baht equal to 256 Euros. Implants run differently depending on how many implants and how many teeth you need. A one day implant with an immediate tooth will cost you 70,000-90,000 Thai Baht equal to 1,489-1,914 Euros, 1 conventional implant with 1 crown is 65,000 -90,000 Thai Baht equal to 1,382 - 1,914 Euros, 2 implants with a 3 unit bridge is 130,000 - 180,000 Thai Baht equal to 2,765-3,829 Euros. The price continues to increase again, depending on what you need done. The fees for implants include all x-rays, scans and medication needed.

Bangkok International Dental Center is another great choice for dental tourism. The fees are the same completive price that you will see in most dental clinics in Bangkok. Definitely a fraction below most dentists' fees in western countries. The service you will receive is of the same high quality and standards as Thantkakit dental clinic. Implants are done here with the same variation in fees depending on what you need done. Fees starting at 50,000 Thai Baht equal to 1,092.94 Euros and going as high as 550,000 Thai Baht equal to 12,022.38 Euros. Other procedures include tooth whitening by laser for 10,000 Thai Baht equal to 218.58 Euros, tooth extractions for 600- 1000 Thai Baht equal to 13.11 - 21.85 Euros.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008