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For true relaxation during your Thailand holiday, indulge in an exotic Bangkok spa experience. Sooth your tired muscles with a Thai massage or release stress using ancient Asian techniques and remedies. A Bangkok spa experience is like no other and many people travel to this Eastern city strictly for the healing power of the spas.

Many of the larger resorts in Bangkok have in-house spas that offer a full range of treatments. From soothing mud baths to herbal wraps, the Bangkok spa experience has everything you need to feel pampered, soothed and refreshed.

In addition to the wonderful resort spas that are located throughout Bangkok, there are also many different private spas that offer top of the line treatment to those who want to relax, relieve stress or who want a balance of mind, body and spirit. To make your Thailand holiday complete, indulge in a Bangkok spa experience.

The Orientist Spa is one of the finest private spas in Bangkok. The Orientist Spa has several different locations throughout the city of Bangkok and offers a full range of spa treatments, including massage therapy, herbal wraps, mud baths, facials and yoga. All of the products used at the Orientist Spa are made from one hundred percent natural products and visitors can choose to take some of these soothing remedies home with them. You will feel like royalty when you visit the Orientist Spa and the staff is both friendly and experienced at soothing whatever ails you, even if it is just your tired feet!

Another fantastic private spa located in the heart of Bangkok is the Hapa-a-boutique spa and beauty salon. If you truly want to be pampered during your Thai holiday, look no further than the Hapa-a-boutique! Many different packages are available for visitors including infrared thermal sauna, organic body scrubs, body wraps, head massage, hydrotherapy, aroma therapy, foot massage, and the exclusive Shiatsu facial massage.

Considering the quality of this elegant salon, prices are surprisingly affordable. The Hapa Spa also offers waxing, hair styling and colour, manicures, pedicures and other amenities that you would find in any high end spa in your own city. However, you will pay less than you will for a haircut for a two hour spa treatment at Hapa Spa and the staff is very well trained and English-speaking. Reservations are needed for the Hapa Spa, so ask your concierge to book you an appointment. Best of all, the Hapa Spa takes major credit cards, making it even more convenient to pay for their exquisite service.

Nothing beats a Bangkok spa experience when you are in holiday in Thailand. Whether you choose a spa treatment at your resort, or opt to indulge in a treatment, or several treatments, at a private spa, you will be pleased with the results. For the ultimate in pampering and relaxation, indulge in a Bangkok spa experience!

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008