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Massage;Bangkok is known for many spas. Some are even in the hotels around Bangkok. Many people feel refreshed when getting a massage in Bangkok. It is a proven fact that the type of massage done in Bangkok is different and better than other massages.In Bangkok the therapists use calm serene atmospheres for doing massages. Because of the emphasis on the body, joint release, and deep breathing techniques while having a massage, the person receiving the massage obtains more relief.

There are pressure points and often times the massage starts at the feet whereas in other places it is usually started at the shoulders or neck.

Massages are very common among locals as well as the tourists that visit. Elbows, knees, all parts of the body are a part of the massage to gain the full effect.

Some of the techniques are taken from other styles of massage like yoga or meditation. But for the most part, the massage is very effective.

A massage in Bangkok also may include soft peaceful nature sounds, and privacy for the person to relax during the massage. Massages done in Bangkok are also for a longer period of time. But then again, they are focusing on all parts of the body.

The massage therapists believe the massage must have some effect on the internal sense of the body as well. Like having peace of mind, releasing tension and stress.

Centuries ago, massages were performed as part of medicinal purposes along with herbs and spices.

Today the herbs and spices are still a part of the massage, however they are now in the form of a lotion of cream, to put on the body while the massage is being administered.

To some people, there is a fear of getting a massage for the simple fact they believe it will be different because they are in Bangkok.

But there is never any force with a massage anywhere in Bangkok. No flexing joints extensively or popping of bones or the back.

A massage in Bangkok is gentle, calming, and soothing. Another thing most of the massage therapists do while doing a massage, is their technique itself.

They do not use the palms of their hands alone, at different points and in different areas they will use their fist but not in a painful manner, it actually feels good to the person getting the massage.

Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world today. And with the aid of massage locals in Bangkok actually use massage as a ritual tool.

Just as people make appointments to see a dentist or chiropractor once a week, many of the locals have massages once a week if not more.

And many of the tourists often have a massage at least once a day during their stay, simply because it is new to them, and very relaxing. Massages relieve stress and tension that is a point of fact. And massages are very common in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008