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Alternative Therapies in Bangkok

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There is a new trend among travelers to Bangkok, Thailand and that is people traveling not for the beaches or amazing nightlife, but rather for holistic reasons. Many people look upon this land as one with great healing power, and thus many alternative therapies are located in this wonderful city. Alternative therapies are perfect for those who are looking to make their body feel and look amazing, without having to undergo western medicine or treatments.

Alternative therapies quickly have become one of the main reasons why individuals travel to Bangkok. But what are some of the most popular alternative therapies available in Bangkok?

Bangkok Acupuncture

Perhaps the most popular alternative therapies that you can get is Traditional Acupuncture. This version of alternative therapies is one that started in China and is slowly working its way into the western world, however, it is here that you can find authentic Acupuncture. The reason for these alternative therapies is to help balance the energy of your body, or more lovingly called, your chi. You chi can become off-balanced, thus, according to Acupuncturists, can cause disease, pain and other health problems. By fixing the off-balance within your chi, you are able to achieve pure health and serenity. It is easy to see why people in the western world are looking at this type of alternative therapies, however, if you want a true experience in Acupuncture, than you must travel to Bangkok and have it done by a culture that thrives on alternative therapies.

You might expect Traditional Chinese Acupuncture to be centred in Bangkok Chinatown but these therapies can be found in modern hospitals like the Acupuncture and Moxibustions Clinic in the Bangkok Hospital, (2 Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchaburi Rd., Bangkok, Thailand 10310 Tel.(+66) 2310-3000). The nearest hotel to the Bangkok Hospital is the 3 star A-one Bangkok Hotel

Bangkok Aromatherapy

Some of the other interesting alternative therapies include the art of Aromatherapy. Thanks to the introduction of scented candles into our everyday lives, these alternative therapies have started to show their faces. However, aromatherapy isn't one that can be done by simply lighting a candle from your favourite scent store in the mall; it is an actual practice by holistic professionals. The basic definition of this alternative therapy is the means of healing a person's body through the use of the sense of smell. By using these herbal oils that range depending on the use allow the body to completely relax and absorb the healing qualities of the scent. Look up this spa when you are in town, The Thai Wellness Center - Spa Massage (28 Soi Yothinpatta 3, Praditmanuthum Road, Kongchan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 Thailand Tel. : 66 2508 1238-49). The A-one Bangkok Hotel mentioned above would be suitable for this location as well.

While alternative therapies are under debate from the medical community, there is one thing that is for certain about them, and that is many people will travel great distances just to experience the real thing. And if that's you then there is no greater city to travel to than Bangkok, Thailand.

Last Updated: 09 Feb 2012