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Monks at the Grand Palace

Thailand is a country with a deep, strong history and a distinguished tradition. The Thailand culture is infamous for its individuality and uniqueness. It is a culture passed down to each new generation from previous generations.

Thailand's culture is very colorful and includes the classical dance and music, the traditional costumes, the architecture, its Buddhism, arts and crafts all of which can be seen throughout the country. Tourists and visitors alike remember the Thai gracious gesture of 'wai' greeting, which is the bringing both hands together to their chest and the bow of the head to their fingertips. In Thailand's culture showing respect to others is a very important part of their etiquette. The 'wai' greeting is their way of showing respect to their elders. It is their way of saying "hello", "goodbye", "thank you" and "sorry".

As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the main center of country. Bangkok has blended together traditional values, which is a large part of Thailand's culture, with the city environment. Bangkok also preserves Thailand's culture with the historical legacies, which can be seen all around Bangkok in the style of the beautiful and unique architectural structures. The area is around Sanam Luang where Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of Emerald Buddha, is located with the Grand Palaces and other architectural finds. The Emerald Buddha is the most important temple in the realm. These temples are all inspired by Buddhism, which also inspires the lives, beliefs, and artistic style of Thailand's culture and its legacy.

The classical dances of Thailand's culture are still performed by beautiful ladies adorned in the beautiful traditional costumes. The dances and the costumes can be seen in special events while traditional Thai music is played. Traditional Thai music is still popular with the later generations.

The Bangkok National Museum near Phra PinKlao Bridge, features the history of Thailand and Thailand's enthralling culture with an assortment of collections and many exhibits housed in the museum. The National Theater is nearby presenting Thailand's culture's authentic traditional dance and music and the National Gallery displays pieces dating from the 17th century. Colorful and fun festivals occur periodically all through the year. The most popular festivals such as the Songkran water festival and Kratong festival of light are worth planning your visit around the times of one of these festivals.

I have tried in this article to cover the key aspect of Thailand's culture. It's their culture which adds is such an important part of the country's tourist attractions. If you are planning a visit to Thailand searching for and learning some of these traditions will enhance your experience in Thailand.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2008

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Monks at the Grand Palace
Monks at the Grand Palace
Monks at the Grand Palace
Monks at the Grand Palace