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Spiritual Attractions in Bangkok

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People take vacations for so many different reasons. However, there is a growing trend among vacationers, and that is to connect with their spirituality. Many people every year travel to far-away lands in order to gain better spiritual awareness. Spiritual attractions are a booming industry, and if you are looking for one of the best places to experience spiritual matters, than you must travel to Bangkok, Thailand. This city has many spiritual attractions that will edify both your mind and your spirit. But what are the best spiritual attractions to visit while in Bangkok, Thailand?

Since there are many various types of spiritual attractions that you can visit when you travel to Bangkok, you really have your choice of spiritual attractions. Perhaps the most popular spiritual attractions is the Erawan Shrine, or better known Than Tao Mahaprom. This spiritual attraction was first built in the 1950s, and it was a hotel, or is actually attached to the Erawan Hotel. The reason there is a shrine at this hotel is because during the construction of the hotel, there were many problems that were blamed on the spirits of the land. Thus, the builders constructed a shrine in the honor of Brahma God, or Than Tao Mahaprom. This is one of the most popular spiritual attractions, because it is easiest to find, and also has a very interesting story. The best part of this spiritual attraction is the fact that it is located in a spot that is easily reached by tourists, and also it is free, however, contributions are accepted.

If you are looking for spiritual attractions that aren't attached to a hotel, than you may be interested in The Ganesha Shrine, which is one of the best spiritual attractions within all of Bangkok. This spiritual attraction features a shrine of Ganesha the son of Shiva and Parvati, which is a very important Hindu shrine. This spiritual attraction is one of the most highly decorated and visibly stunning out of all the spiritual attractions. You are able to enjoy the beauty of the Hindu deity, with its gold exterior and beautiful decorations.

Spiritual attractions are a great way to spend your vacation days, because you are not only able to be entertained, but you are also able to learn more about your spiritual side. Vacations don't always have to be about spending massive amounts of money, and visiting all of the local nightlife. You can have a vacation that does more than entertain you, but also enlightens you. And by visiting spiritual attractions, you are able to successfully do this.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008